The effectiveness and efficiency of hot-dip galvanizing process in correlation with the highest quality of the final product depends on many factors of the technological process itself as well as the design and parameters of the devices included in the galvanizing line. Having in mind the importance of the aforementioned aspects as well as financial expenses that the investor has to incur when constructing a hot-dip galvanizing line, GalvSystem executing technological designs or construction documentation always tailor them in accordance with the requirements, needs and financial capabilities of each client. Such personalized approach to every project allows us to meet expectations of our clients and effectively help them throughout the investment process, which as a result will lead to the achievement of the business goal.

In order to meet the market demand, our engineering offer includes:

  • comprehensive technical consulting in the field of hot-dip galvanizing processes,
  • preparation of technological processes of hot-dip galvanizing, together with the concept of the entire site’s operation, impact on the natural environment, consumption of individual raw materials and utilities, device descriptions along with technical parameters and layout of the galvanizing line,
  • construction designs of devices dedicated to hot-dip galvanizing processes:
    • complete galvanizing lines for the construction’s hot-dip galvanizing processes, lines for galvanizing of small details with centrifugation,
    • lines for chemical preparation,
    • gas and electric galvanizing furnaces, with steel and ceramic baths,
    • batch driers,
    • installations for removal of dust in galvanizing furnaces,
    • water and passivation baths,
    • rail wagons,
    • racks for forming and disbanding of the batch,
    • auxiliary equipment and other ...
  • control and visualization system, electrical installations,
  • audits of existing sites, preparation of documentation in the scope of modernization and repairs to improve efficiency, effectiveness, operational safety, environmental protection,
  • technical supervision over the assembly processes of equipment and technological lines, and their commissioning,
  • creative engineering. We offer comprehensive services in the field of creative support during the development of new technical and process solutions for R&D projects and pilot lines, along with subsequent design, production and implementation.


As a result of increase in market demand for the management of conducted activities, the company offers also comprehensive project management services. Due to our experience in this field we can comprehensively implement technical investment projects from the cost estimation stage through technical specifications, layout, equipment delivery, supervision over implementation, commissioning and final acceptance. We are able to support projects in a wide range of soft competences including management of: risk, communication, people, contracts, shareholders.


GALVSYSTEM due to its experience, provides its clients with the necessary support at all stages of the investment project:

  • feasibility analysis and investment assessment,
  • detailed construction design and engineering,
  • supervision over the implementation of investment processes,
  • building,
  • installation and commissioning,
  • acceptance,
  • trainings on equipment operation.

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