The GalvSystem company was established in 2016 on the basis of owner’s several years of experience in production of technological equipment for hot-dip galvanizing, molding and heat treatment.
Gained experience and extensive contacts with clients and sub-suppliers enabled us to enter the market dynamically with a professional and comprehensive offer for the galvanizing industry.

In response to the growing market demand for specialized and innovative services in the industrial sector, the main spectrum of the company's activities are: broadly understood engineering services in the field of industrial and technological design including comprehensive management of investment projects, production of industrial equipment for the galvanizing and galvano-technical industry, commissioning and maintenance of devices, and process optimization, modernization and repairs of existing technological lines for hot-dip galvanizing processes.

The basic assumption of our business is an individual and thoughtful approach to every customer. Therefore, the solutions we propose are adapted to his needs and capabilities. Each time we recognize the specific needs of our client in order to provide a product that is tailored to his requirements. Our solutions are based on gained experience as well as the latest innovative technical and technological solutions that allow us to protect the natural environment as much as possible and minimize operating and working costs, thanks to which we always try to meet the expectations of our customers. We cooperate with reputable partners who support us with their knowledge and organizational potential.


The company's mission is the innovative development in the area of technological devices production in order to create original and comprehensive engineering solutions using the latest technologies, unconventional thinking and the highest working standards that will enable us to achieve a competitive advantage. For our clients we aim to be a credible, reliable and professional company that provides products and services of the highest quality, and the main determinants of our operation are: quality, competence, innovation and creativity culture, ethics.


We aim to be a leader of advanced technology in the galvanizing industry - create new technological and product solutions by designing innovative devices and services based on advanced technologies, expert knowledge and unconventional approach to technical issues in interaction with science, pro-ecological thinking, and cooperation with reliable business partners.


GalvSystem's strategic goal is to acquire a strong and durable position on the market of production of industrial equipment for the galvanizing industry by providing high quality products and services, effective marketing activities, competent personnel, and by following the rules of law and ethics. The adopted ethical and business values, as well as the culture of innovation and creativity are fundamental principles of our functioning and behavior, defining our attitude to clients, contractors and employees. They set directions for action and consistent implementation of the company's vision and mission.

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